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Please find the basis for the possibility of financing and co-ownership in the exciting project:


The project is ready to commence the construction of Yacht No. 1

Key Distribution partners are in place; Electric Yachts - Porto Cervo has an exclusive arrangement with Royal Yachts International for sales of the EE38 in Monaco.

Additionally, we have no less than four to six seriously interested parties for placing orders for the Electric Elegance38. It is highly likely that there will be additional prospects after the Monaco Yachts Show, September 26 - October 2, and after the introduction of the yacht at our Monaco event, to be held in November, where we will start the auction to sell yacht number one. (The net proceeds of the auction will be donated in support of the One Ocean Foundation, target sale price: 2.5-4 million euros).

The event will be done in collaboration with the Yacht Club de Monaco.

The first yacht of EY-PC is the EE38, with plans to launch a 28-foot version in 2024 and a smaller, and a 21-foot, water jet electric boat in 2024/25. The latter with the target to meet the increasing demand for electric boats at a lower purchase price.

The company is now looking to secure 2,000,000 euros, for a total of 20% of the company's shares. Naturally, you do not have to take the entire investment, this can be divided among a number of investors.

As it is, we are in a bit of a time-crunch as the company are not only looking to start the construction of Yacht One, but also to build a 1.5 meter scale model of the EE38, to be exhibited at the fair at the end of September and  at the Monaco event on 9 November, 2022.


Electric Yachts - Porto Cervo Limited is registered in London, England

Key shareholders today are:

Roger Ericson - Founder / Creative Director

Edward Walker - Legal Advisor

Jean-Jacques Coste - Naval Architect

Jan Pachner - General Secretary of One Ocean Foundation (Formerly with YCCS; Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Christian Olsen - Printed Motorworks & JFS Racing (Formula One Hydraulic Systems)



Please click on the link to read the article about the EE38 in Forbes US June 30 issue.

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Yacht Club de Monaco: